Strategic Partner Selection

We are a financial firm that cares about relationships. We seek alignment with our clients, with our investors, and with parties to each transaction we advise on. We couple this philosophy with a deep and long-standing global network of company executives, thought leaders, investors, government officials, and industry stakeholders in order to generate sustainable, mutually-beneficial partnerships between international companies and Chinese investors.

business development

The American and Chinese economies are likely going to be the most significant two economies in the world for the foreseeable future. As China continues to develop a middle class with increasing disposable income, there will be an opportunity for American firms to reach a large pool of new potential consumers. Correspondingly, as China’s private sector continues to mature, Chinese companies will increasingly look to the US as a potential growth market. We will help clients to build new distribution channels for their goods and services in both the US and in China.

market entry

Expanding company operations abroad is a complex endeavor. In certain cases, we will help to coordinate this process for clients that do not have preexisting infrastructure in China. We will assist company managers with the legal, regulatory, and financial requirements involved in creating a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) or engaging in a joint venture (JV) partnership.

cross-border licensing

As China continues its rapid economic growth, it will continue to demand increasing volumes of resources. Technology transfer is one means of enhancing productivity to increase the efficient use of vital resources. Fast growing consumer brands and concepts are also highly prospective for the China market. We have experience structuring licensing agreements that ensure fair compensation for international technology owner’s IP while also incentivizing Chinese operating partners to fully commercialize the IP to its highest and best use.