private equity placement

Strategic equity investments are at the core of our business. We maintain long-term relationships with brand name Chinese companies and capital providers looking for accretive investments abroad. Based on our analysis of market trends in conjunction with feedback from industry stakeholders, we develop a criteria to identify growth-stage companies seeking capital that are likely to result in successful equity partnerships with our network of investors.

Furthermore, we will serve as a placement agent for top-tier private equity funds in order to source new institutional limited partners as part of an ongoing fundraise.

private debt placement

Chinese state-owned and private banks are looking to expand abroad in order to diversify risk and to seek new avenues for growth given a slowing domestic economy. In some cases, Chinese lenders offer attractive borrowing terms as compared to international competitors. We do not seek to raise debt independent of an equity raise but will opportunistically look to incorporate a lender as part of a larger capital raise in order to optimize our client’s cost of capital.

M&A advisory

As Chinese state-owned and private companies look to “Go Global” based on an increasingly saturated domestic investment opportunity set and strong incentives to expand abroad, we will proactively look to identify potential international acquisition candidates. Our team includes experienced private equity professionals well versed in global acquisitions by Chinese companies. We look at corporate combinations holistically and endeavor to find the right strategic and structural fit that will result in a sustainable outcome for both parties.

valuation & market sizing

Market research and analysis is an intrinsic part of our business development process. We will also entertain third-party research engagements on a case-by-case basis but prefer that the analysis be part of a due diligence exercise intended to precede an investment banking transaction.

restructuring & turnaround

Many institutional investors in China now preside over some of the largest pools of capital in the world. Due to the difficulty inherent in deploying huge sums productively, these institutions have unusually patient capital that is ideal for strategies requiring investors to stay invested through multiple market cycles. Real asset markets such as real estate and energy are ideal candidates for an infusion of long-dated patient capital during a market down turn. We will opportunistically look to identify situations where quality, asset-backed companies are suffering from depressed valuations due to cyclical, exogenous factors.