About Us

Our Name

The center arch (“zhongmen” or 中门) of the Meridian Gate at the Forbidden City was formerly reserved for the Emperor alone; the only exceptions were the Empress, who could enter it once on the day of her wedding, and the top three scholars of the triennial civil service examinations, who left the exams through the central arch. All other officials and servants were required to use the four side arches

The name Zhongmen therefore conveys the most select and highly esteemed of pathways. We believe it is a name worth aspiring to.

Our Mission

Chinese outbound direct investment (ODI) is an emerging phenomenon that will increasingly impact the global economy in significant ways. Multiple classes of Chinese investors are actively pursuing ODI including private companies, public companies, and institutional investors (e.g. insurance companies) in order to diversify and to expand their opportunity set as domestic investments become more competitive. The Chinese government is also actively encouraging investment abroad as one means to reduce the buildup of foreign reserves and in order to curb inflationary pressure.

However, many Chinese investors, in some cases representing vast pools of capital (e.g. China’s insurance industry will collect $3.5T in premiums over the next 7 years), have limited experience investing abroad. Correspondingly, international companies seeking capital have relatively little experience with or knowledge of Chinese investors.

Zhongmen Group is the first purpose-built international investment bank and advisory firm dedicated to developing best practices around Chinese outbound investment.

Our Strategy

Zhongmen Group leverages unique advantages to provide a suite of transaction advisory services to top-tier international clients seeking to efficiently access China’s capital markets and industry participants. We maintain strong relationships with stakeholders and decision makers active across China’s most significant investment firms and operating businesses. Furthermore, we consistently interface with government officials, regulators, and thought leaders who possess great insight into emerging market trends impacting Chinese ODI.

We recruit talented individuals with expertise in international relations, finance, and China studies in order to stay at the cutting edge of developments impacting outbound Chinese investment.

Our proactive approach allows us to timely identify growth-stage international opportunities capable of realizing significant synergy with Chinese capital partners. We approach our business with a “bigger pie” attitude and pride ourselves on our ability to produce win-win outcomes.